Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Brainwashing of Society by Big Toe Buddha

Strict, very determined, people are calling the shots on how most of us think and what we eat.  They are defining who we are.  They have most of us brainwashed.

Ethics—Corporate Style

Corporations face the same survival imperative as biological systems in that they must comply with the law of natural selection.  Only the fittest survive.  And like parasitic organisms, corporations characteristically avoid killing their hosts to prolong the essential sustenance that the host provides--money.

Although the individuals that work for corporations may hold high personal ethical standards, the survival of the corporation is paramount.  As individuals join, serve and depart, they are soon replaced by new employees.  Profit generation is the primary selection pressure on corporations and company men and women compete with one another for monetary and rewards and accomplishment kudos.  Shareholders demand fast returns on their investment and corporate marketing is the key mandate of company officers. 

The problem with corporations is that they have no soul.  The people that work for them may, but the corporation only obeys the law of natural selection and survival of the fittest.  Of course, there are notable exceptions of corporations doing good deeds, but this often takes the form of promotional image advertising in the guise of generous philanthropy.

Just look at the curve pitched to consumers by big oil corps widely known to be polluters who suddenly claim to be “green” businesses.  Or beverage producers that portray “responsible drinking...or burger chains touting the quality of animal flesh sandwiched in tasty starch and French fries soaked in artificial fatty acids.

Cattle have no feelings...they are only delicious menu items.

There is a national chain TV commercial where a rancher on horseback describes the furry, four-legged gentle animals in the background as number One BEEF!  Then he shovels down a burger perched on the back of his truck.

No closeups of sad cow eyes, no back story on how the burger he is eating was related to its kin that just walked by, no thankfulness even to justify taking their life for food when that food is not necessary.  Humans function just fine on plants alone.

The killing of animals to provide food that we do not need is whitewashed by carefully designed TV commercials.   It is likely that your tasty burger is loaded with hormones and herbicides and pesticides and will eventually kill you....but slowly because the corporate rancher needs to have you unconsciously and enormously addicted to the taste and texture of the dead cow meat, hiding the pain that cow felt when it was killed so you could chew it up and excrete it.

Yet the big fast food Co's sell 25 billion dead cow sandwiches a year to Americans and no one thinks that this used be a living animal that sensed fear and pain—they are merely a factory processed food product.  And we accept this desensitization as just the way things are and bury any empathetic feelings that our burger component once had a heart and a tail.

Some may counter that our species is an omnivore and has consumed animals for millions of years.  This is  true.  You should eat whatever you feel good about.  The point is that Big BEEF and Big BEER will do whatever they can to keep you addicted to their products—like burgers, French fries, and beer.

Beer Bellies

Meanwhile people keep getting fatter and fatter—in spite of the manifold dangers of obesity.  No matter how light, or lite, beer is fattening.  We need to understand that alcoholism is hugely epidemic because it is grossly underestimated—purposely because it suits the BigALC Co's and indirectly because addicts are extremely good at hiding their alcohol intake. 

Viewers of sports are inundated with pitches by coaches featured in national TV beer commercials touting the happy feeling of a belly full of beer.  So the players must think, “How bad can alcohol be bad for you.  The coach drinks it?”  Look at all the happy people getting plastered in the “before” scene and see how it compares with the “after party” shot—not aired of course.

The reality is that once a person becomes addicted to alcohol—even if they believe that they control their drinking—they are now a valued, long-term, “consumer” for alcohol makers who will do everything to make them feel better about their addiction by showing attractive people toasting in their finery—not the drunk skunks they become by closing time.

The sober market masters are in control and they herd and massage the herd of human cattle into a dependable purchaser of their extremely addictive drugs which they camouflage just like Coke did with cocaine using sugar syrup.  Beer TV commercials even brag about their special line of yeast to produce what they call a byproduct, but which is really, a waste product of yeast fermentation.

Only by entirely abstaining from alcohol will you rid it from not only your digestive and excretory system, but from all of the cells of your body that have adjusted to work around or survive the effects of lethal alcohol—the metabolic waste product of a yeast cell.

(Basically, in aerobic conditions, yeast cells go through many steps and reduce sugar completely through oxidation.  But in the anaerobic conditions in which fermentation takes place, yeast cells incompletely digest sugar producing alcohol and CO2.  Eventually, alcohol kills the yeast when it reaches a certain level.)

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine.  When you gonna let me get sober?

As to the widely purported cardio benefits of red wine....this is another marketing coup.  You should drink red wine every day to promote your circulation.  Right.  This feeds into the acceptability of alcohol consumption—wear your finery and sip wine from a crystal glass and you will be in great shape...or you could simply take a Reversatol tab and avoid the alcohol trap entirely.

Getting Ripped--Legally

The energy drink Co's are masters at deception and manipulation.  If your fellow workers competing for higher wages and status are consuming daily does of expensive energy shot drinks, you may feel threatened because you may be less competitive You will be self-pressured to consume them as well in order to match your associate’s boosted productivity and stamina.  Eventually, it may catch up with them.

Is it a conspiracy?  Do CEOs plot to control information?  Hell Yes!  What can we do?

  • be aware
  • break free of their control
  • tell others
  • advocate that corporations be banned from political campaign financing

I am pleased to report that I have consumed my last-beef-flesh-burger and yeast-waste-product-beverage.

Big Toe Buddha

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