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Reprogramming the Human Operating System Part 2: Reward Credits by Big Toe Buddha

This is Big Toe Buddha after Losing 80 lbs 

This is Part 2.  Here is Part 1

In a prior article. I examined the connection between human operating system errors and obesity.  Here in Part 2, I will expand upon the concept of consciously Reprogramming the Human Operating System to improve health and fitness.  Early on I recognized the importance of rewards in behavior modification as a form of operant conditioning.
When I began this part of my journey, it seemed reasonable that if I wanted to lose my fat stomach, I should focus on exercises that would impact the abdominal region. Exercises with stick twists (along with crunches and leg lifts) seemed like an obvious methodology. After a only a few days, I noticed that there was something sort of magical about the way using the stick made me feel. It straightens your back and really strains the abdominal muscles that are buried under layers of fat. In fact, I became so interested in exercise sticks that I started making a limited number of special sticks for my friends. You can check them out in our Spirit/Body Sculpting Stick Store.  
The New-Humans Fitness Program is an extreme diet and exercise program that has done wonders for me, but is definitely not for everyone. Consult your physician or trainer before trying any "lose weight fast!" program.

A Life or Death Matter

There are two alternative motivations to adopt an overnight, permanent lifestyle change:  

1.  The first is an unexpected visit to the hospital emergency room due to serious, sudden illness or injury. This type of wake up call will certainly get your attention, at least it did mine! Learning that I was diabetic with toes in need of amputation certainly was the single-most significant catalyst in my life.  

2.  Or if you choose door number two; you can read the accounts written by me and other survivors, and if you are brave enough, try imagining that it's you that is going through the same trauma. Throw in some poignant moments, like lying in a hospital bed late at night watching your hear beat in real time on an ultrasound monitor, and you get the picture. Now that I have lost 80 pounds and completely cured my diabetes, I am sharing my experience with others. ("I Am Health").  And if my writing is good enough and your imagination is vivid enough, then maybe--just maybe--you will avoid experiencing your own crisis by consciously engaging in the concept of Reprogramming Your Operating System.

As soon as you recover from the medical crisis--or if you decide to reign in your imagination and say, "It will never happen to me," will you go back to beer, pizza, sodas and burgers?  Or will you see behind the scenes of the corporate fast-food-alcohol-induced fantasy land where slim boys and girls chug big cans of Aussie beer and hot-chick models recommend a classy drink like Russian vodka, and you say to yourself "Never Again! I AM A NEW-HUMAN.COM."

The Zen of Sacrifice & Rewards

Generating "Reward Credits" offer the ticket to a New-Human life for any person no longer content with sitting around, procrastinating, and wishing....and doing nothing about getting fit. The premise is that by exerting more effort and making the proper decisions today (Reward Debits), you will enjoy the benefits tomorrow (Reward Debits).
But...and this is the key, you can also enjoy the Credits today even though they won't clear he bank until tomorrow.

" Nearly 65 percent of dieters return to their pre-dieting weight within three years, according to Gary Foster, Ph.D., clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania." (Source)

Why? Because they didn't get enough Rewards to offset the Debit cost of the 'hard' decisions they needed to make about exercise and diet.  The New-Humans Fitness Program is different is because it offers immediate Rewards--both spiritual and physical that keep you engaged and eager to participate.  Here I will show you how a little discomfort, pain and denial can be converted from a negative into a positive experience. 

Start Redeeming your Rewards Credits Now!
Keep reading to find out how

The Zen of Reprogramming Your Operating System

Reprogramming the Human Operating System is based upon a circular cause/effect viewpoint of time, i.e., what decisions we make and actions we take today not only affect tomorrow, but the future actually has a feedback effect upon us today.  

The extra effort or hard decision about diet or exercise made this afternoon is a Reward Debit which is offset by a Reward Credit which will be redeemed tomorrow. But there is more, because the satisfaction of making that Reward Debit is also experienced today.  

What you may not expect though is that the very activities you may think of as Debits today, will likely become less and less of a negative until they turn into a positive. For example, eating fruit daily may seem like a bit of a chore, but in time you will look forward to and savor every bite and wonder how you could have lived so long ignoring these self-contained morsels that come conveniently packed with nutrients, energy, vitamins and fiber. In the beginning, passing up a Big Mac and fries for an apple at lunch may seem to be a significant Debit, but as you experience the positive results of our strenuous exercise and diet program, you will very much look forward to that delicious apple at lunch time and doing the first stick twists in the morning.

Your Nearest Rewards Credit Redemption Center located in the information processing system located between your ears.  If your operating system has bugs, or is infected with the corporate food-alcohol virus, you will need to become the diligent reprogrammer of your own mind; delete the bugs and worms and perform an upgrade with your own set of health-promoting algorithms.  No restart needed.

Redeeming a Reward Credit today for something that you will experience tomorrow is a way of Reprogramming your Operating System to feel pleasure in spite of any discomfort from today's workout or run.  This applies to all of the New-Humans Fitness Program's exercise and diet recommendations.. 

Here is an example. Your task is to discover and modify your algorithm for hunger. Your biological program for satiation most likely is based upon stretch receptors in your stomach.  Once they start firing signals back to your processor, you feel full. You likely also link the sensation of felling full with pleasure.  However, fat deposition is caused by an excess of caloric intake, so if you fill your stomach to capacity, you may be exceeding your expenditure of calories and will get fat.  Some carbonated drinks, like beer and soda additionally stretch your stomach to its capacity limit with CO2 gas. so a regular diet of beer and pizza will continue to stretch your stomach and receptors, with the results that you have to eat more and more to feel full.  Your program  is out of whack due to an error in the satiation algorithm's feedback loop.

The programming modification is straight forward.  You only need to associate the Reward Debit of passing up a burger and fries with the feeling of gratitude and fulfillment that you will experience tomorrow.  This Reward Credit will offset any temporary negative feelings, thoughts or experiences related to staying on your diet or exercise program (Reward Debit). For instance, some may find the strenuous New-Humans daily spinach diet boring and uninteresting.  With reprogramming, it becomes a great source of dining pleasure which you will look forward to every evening.  The same applies to daily exercise with the advantage that 
  • dopamine levels are increased by exercise which is extremely pleasurable and
  • your spirit will have an opportunity to enjoy an opportunity to drop out into a creative space where you can engage in creative thinking accompanied by the rhythm of your mantra in sync with your breath cycle. In essence you will learn to connect to your spirit through your body
All you need to do is to make a few changes in your operating system program's satiation algorithm.  For example, 'feeling full" equals "overeating." therefore as Big Toe Buddha  says, "It is best to always be a little hungry." 

The idea is to shine a light on the framework of your subconscious, bring it to the surface and modify it so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. It is better to give than receive, so give yourself a gift—save some fruit from dinner for tomorrow’s breakfast!

The Next Step: Guaranteed Rewards

As you reach another step towards enlightenment and if you should go ahead and eat all of the cereal and leave none for the next day, you will still have the reward of having enjoyed them at least once and that is a positive thought. This thinking is part of becoming enlightened, It demonstrates that it is entirely possible to Reprogram the Human Operating system and change negative algorithms into positive energy  Instead of complaining about no cereal today, you will feel happy that you enjoyed it yesterday and you are complete. (added 12/03/12).

Stay Tuned...

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Keep your fire burning!
Big Toe Buddha

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  1. Ron, thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and experience. I am a chiropractor by profession and I am continually enthralled with the human body. It's operating systems are truly divinely designed and I appreciate your call to all of us to reconnect our to our spirits through our bodies. I look forward to using the stick.

    Matthew Ormond
    Huntington Beach