Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Cure for Obesity by Big Toe Buddha

Creating a Healing Space and Time

by Big Toe Buddha

New-Humans Fitness ProgramTM

In these two images of yours truly taken 2 years a part you can see that I have indeed metamorphosed from a fat caterpillar into a spider with muscles.  I consider this to be the first step in my journey to becoming a New-Human.  In addition to the miracle of losing 75 pounds of fat, I have begun to learn how to reprogram my CPU brain and see many things much differently than during my fat cat stage.

Like many others, my writing about personal events may also be a part of my healing journey.  But I hope that some of you may avoid needless problems, many of which are, at least in part, due to corporate greed and meme manipulation.

On this journey, I will be seeking information about health and diet that is accurate and not spun by slick marketing mavens.  Please feel free to join in my journey with comments, ideas, and suggestions.  First...

...do any of these sound familiar?

“I know I should start getting in shape.  I promise to start tomorrow.”

“I am so busy, I just have to eat whatever is fast and convenient.”

“I’ll skip today and go to the gym tomorrow.  One more day can’t make any difference.”

“I do plan to quit drinking...”

...What If?

You could get up every morning and do exactly what your body needs and wants--not what your job or family or bank account needs or wants? 

Sounds good until you think about it.  Because you might already sense pangs of guilt that you are being selfish or insensitive because you put your health and dreams first, but if you are seriously overweight and/or have diabetes, your attitude may need some adjustment.  In fact by taking care of yourself first, you will be doing your family, friends and job a favor by taking on a more self-centered, self-absorbed, self-concerned viewpoint on life and how precious and beautiful it is.

I was lucky when I hit the wall because I had a good friend and top flight medical gurus who put me back together physically, but it was I that took care of the mental and spiritual heavy lifting.  Here I will share my findings to develop what I call the New-Humans Fitness Program.  No matter how wealthy and powerful you are, you can’t buy a lean body (at least not yet), only sweat and self-determination lead the way--sweat through exercise and self-determination through diet and meditation.

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor nor do I practice medicine.  Please consult your physician or a fitness expert before beginning any diet or exercise program.  I am however, a biologist and my goal is to interpret into everyday common sense language and logical thinking, the overwhelming glut of information and self-help online resources on obesity and diabetes.  I will retrace the same conceptual road map that I used to educate myself in order to make important decisions that literally changed my life.  Please consult other web sources as well in case any of the publications I cite might have inaccurate Information.  I welcome comments—especially if I have overlooked important medical or health advances.

In some cases, I will provide my own personal regimen—be warned in advance that my approach is very extreme and I am not recommending or suggesting that it may be suitable for anyone else.  I think of it as part of my sharing my healing experience with others who may find a path that avoids DB and obesity all together, or help to fully recover as I did.

The New-Humans Fitness Program consists of four components:

1.  space  MY-SPACE!
2.  time  MY-TIME!
3.  exercise/meditation  MY-FLOW!
4.  diet/meditation  MY-DIET!

MY-FLOW! and MY-DIET! will be the subjects of many posts to come. In this essay, I will examine the two foundations of the New-Humans Fitness Program, space and time.

The first step is to establish MY-SPACE! for healing.


This should be a small, quiet, disturbance-free room or office which has been custom personalized by you.  Here, I will share with you my first design for a hybrid office/gym that may give you some ideas to build your own space.  We New-Humans are adaptable and creative, so it may take you some time and effort, but you will be able to set up your space at work or at home.  And going to a gym is great if you really do go...that is.  

But some of the gym rats may wonder about what’s up with all the stick twists you will be doing with your 

The Spirit/Body Sculpting Stick is your ticket to easily and quickly burn off fat.

(The Spirt/Body Sculpting Stick is available in the New-Humans Metamorphosis Club along with the Leg Mother Bench that Warms the Legs and the Heart):

But by far, the best manifestation of the New-Humans Fitness Program is when your office is both office and gym There are plenty of neat ways of stowing and arranging equipment so that the office fits into the gym and the gym fits into the office.

The advantage is privacy and solitude.  Yes you could take an important business call if you had to, but just tell them you will call back in an hour.  Having all of your handpicked equipment around you while you work is comforting and inspirational.  I am lucky to work from home, so within a half our of getting up, I am working out.  Every day...more about routine when we get to the exercise/mediation component.

All other intrusions should be eliminated.  I have made a poster for you to stick on your door. 

In other posts,  The Brainwashing of Society and Playing Chicken, I assert that “strict, very determined, people are calling the shots on how most of us think and what we eat and drink.  They are defining who we are.  They have most of us brainwashed.”

So maybe that explains why our minds don’t always act like they are close partners with our bodies.  Blame it on brainwashing that a sugar-sweet, fizzy beverage naturally seems to be the perfect companion for a juicy, greasy steer burger with steak fries--judging by the couples smiling faces as they wolf down and slurp while being taped by a pair of top-of-the-line HD cameras for a highly crafted, highly edited, highly conceived and very costly to produce and air video commercial carefully designed to urge you to get in your car and get one. 

No mention whatsoever that in excess quantity, those soft drinks and sandwiches contain more caloric compounds and structural components than the body needs to reserve for future emergencies.  It’s pretty basic.  If there is insufficient calorie burning to match calorie intake, then we put on weight and we will have to let our belt out another inch...again...and Again...AND AGAIN!  

In a future essay, I will explore the cellular aspects of obesity and diabetes and how ‘fattening foods” actually interfere with the exchange of biological information and alter the cell’s essential input/output systems.

If this seems extreme, good.  Your life literally depends upon making serious changes....maybe not so extreme as mine, but the amazing thing about our bodies is that they are very willing and very able to make changes for the better.  Why is it that our mind often overrides  these instinctual healing programs?  In my essay, Marketing is the Meaning of Life™, I noted that “knowledge is power and information is money, but marketing is the meaning of life because without advertising there would be no sex and without sex, no life—at least for us sapients.”  And a great many of our bad habits, poor diet, lack of exercise are directly related to corporate marketing campaigns that put shareholder profit ahead of human sense and well-being.

We have great protein supplements available through Amazon.com in the New-Humans Metamorphosis Club.  

...the Spirit part

The New-Humans Fitness Program exercises that I recommend are very simple and fun to do.  They are all based upon breathing techniques and counting exercise repetitions is standard.  In a quiet disturbance free environment, counting and breathing transport you into an altered state where new ideas spring into your mind like wild flowers blooming in time lapse.  I keep my writer's notebook open and ready to make barely legible notes while I work out.  This is a time to concentrate on the muscle dynamics of your body while letting your mind free to explore new thoughts and new channels of awareness.

Here are some images of my New-Humans hybrid office/gym/meditation chamber.

During Gym Phase
Weight exercises add muscle.  The Spirt/Body Stick burns fat.



During Yoga Phase
After my daily gym workout, I stash the bench and weights and spread a mat on the floor to do Yoga.

During Office Phase


Gym equipment is stashed.  Note the the side tables either fold or are on casters.

The bench becomes as seat next to the Supplement Bar.


BTW, if you work as much at your desk as I do, I highly recommend my invention the Leg Mother Bench that Warms the Legs and the Heart.  It is a wonderful way to improve your circulation and keep your blood from pooling in your legs and feet.  Right now we are featuring a Do-It-Yourself version.  An assembled version will be available soon.  Contact nolan@new-humans.com if you would like to be notified when we begin shipping.

...a Healing Time

There are obviously many permutations that may impact the space/time decision.  For example, some spaces may only be available at certain times and vise versus.  Ideally, you will be able to pick both your MY-TIME! and your MY-SPACE! like I did.  I start every day with a 75 minute gym workout followed by 20 minutes of yoga.  Since I am self-employed and work alone, it is easy for me.  But I have chosen to live this way to live this way.  I like to start my day in my gym because I feel in my heart that after I finish my workout and meditation that no matter what happens later, my day is already a success!  I worked out.  Yeah!  And I enjoyed every moment of it!

Why schedule interruptions may be detrimental.  Note this is conjecture, but it seems logical that regularity and consistency should streamline metabolic pathways in that cells and tissues are able to prepare in advance to receive and exchange oxygen and nutrients and combust carbs for calories on a regular schedule.  If our metabolic tank levels oscillate smoothly and with the intrinsic regularity of a circadian rhythm, then  are fewer gridlocks at circulatory and cell membrane bottle necks.

Although, I workout and walk roughly the same amount of time every day, I alternate muscle groups daily thus giving some support for the idea of rest and recuperation.  But when Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver, said in a too personal interview that she planned to take two weeks off from her workouts then I guessed that she was  going to face the same mind game as all the rest of us on why this is a good idea and when will we actually go back to the gym.

All this rest time to me is dead wrong if it leads to turning into a couch potato, pizza inhaling, beer drinker.  I would rather work out every day and vary the muscle groups and not have to endure the mental torture of deciding, rationalizing, and guilt tripping about whether I workout as the excuses pour in and the weight pours on..  I just do.  Everyday.  And love it!

It is very important to set up and take advantage of your MY-TIME!  Call it a gift which you deserve and will defend, not only for yourself, but your family, friends and job.  My best creativity takes place in the morning when I am in MY TIME!

Lots more to come.

Big Toe Buddha


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Congrats with your achievement! Yes, obesity price is so high. Good luck! I have researched much as I am not convinced that weight loss surgery is my option, and I am glad that I found something that saved me from the surgical knife cost and complications as well as irreversible damage. Roca Labs gastric bypass no surgery has helped me loss 43 lbs and still counting... I am glad that I am winning back a healthy weight and, this is -- priceless! I am sharing this to let others know that there are better alternative to surgery and a healthy approach to weight problems. After the program, I believe I can get myself another gift -- fitness! I will continue with the healthy habits, no more junks and mouth to stomach garbage and I can start to workout when joints are no longer in pains with this morbid obesity... There is still a better after us and we deserve it in any ages! Please don't get me wrong, I considered surgery before but, I discovered an option. Whichever way, best of luck with your weight loss!

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