Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Diabetic Foot & Torn Achilles Tendon

Diabetic Foot May Lead to Torn Achilles Tendon

 If you have diabetic foot that required toe amputation, (which I did), you may want to be especially careful when starting to exercise again (which I must not have). This is because even though you may seem to be able to compensate and walk normally, there are subtle differences in balance and weight loading that can result in a partially torn Achilles tendon. This is painful and pretty much eliminates walking as a form of cardio exercise and any workout which applies pressure to your legs and feet.

Caution Alert

Diabetes is an extremely potent disease and you should be cautious of unintended consequences in any corrective program that you adopt. Furthermore, I have no formal training in medicine and urge you to consult your physician and health counselor before engaging in a spinach diet and exercise program.

The good news is that after about three months of hobbling around, I woke up one morning and the pain was gone. I attribute my recovery to morning and evening Achilles massage and the ProTec Achilles Strap—a deceptively simple device that worked wonders. 

The strap takes the pressure off of the tendon when exercising so the tendon has a chance to self-heal.  It sports an elegant, yet simple design and is made of tough material.  I remove the strap or loosen it when not exercising to promote circulation. 

 I have added some strap selections to our Amazon Store.

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