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Reprogramming the Human Operating System to Conquer Big Toe Buddha

As someone that has conquered obesity, and in turn Diabetes II, I am presenting a system that has completely eliminated Diabetes from my life. My goal is to encourage you to know that there are simple solutions that with the right "Reprogramming of the Human Operating System" are not only easy, but can be quite an enjoyable experience.

Caution Alert

Diabetes is an extremely potent disease and you should be cautious of unintended consequences in any corrective program that you adopt. Furthermore, I have no formal training in medicine and urge you to consult your physician and health counselor before engaging in a spinach diet and exercise program.

My Record of Healing

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II with Diabetic Foot that required toe amputations in November, 2010. Since then I have completely recovered. The key was weight loss (70 pounds) through diet and exercise that I call the New-Humans Health and Fitness Program and present here with the hope that it will aid you in your journey to fantastic health. 

The following are the results of my glucose levels from the initial hospitalization to recent months.The New-Humans Health and Fitness Program in based upon my personal research findings and observations, however, most would consider this an extreme regimen—or perhaps one that lacks variety.

Key Hemoglobin A1c Levels

Normal <5.7%

Pre-Diabetes 5.7-6.4%

Diabetes ≥ 6.5%

Source: University of Michigan

Diabetes Quick View

Here are a few references that I frequently consult. They will provide you with a quick overview of the disease background and the role that diet and exercise may play in the battle to conquer both obesity and diabetes.

What is diabetes?

What is the connection of diabetes to obesity?

What is the glycated hemoglobin measured in A1c tests?

Can diabetes be reversed?

What causes diabetes? (one point of view)

How many of us have diabetes?

Alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit

The New-Humans Health and Fitness Program is based upon three components.

New-Humans Exercise Program

Create a personal space and time The key to my exercise regimen is my New-Humans Exercise Stick. Even on a day when I am running late and thinking about not working out. As soon as I put the stick over my shoulders, I relax, focus and am totally committed to a full session.  It is a form of magic because I have Reprogrammed the Human Operating System to make it so

These are selections from our rapidly growing collection of exercise articles.

New-Humans Motivational Program

These articles provide tips on how to "Reprogram the Human Operating System" to make our exercise and diet programs not only effective, but a joy to look forward to every day.


Thank You for the Healing!

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude and to the healing provided by Dr. Andrew Wu,  Dr. Jon Nordgaard, and Dr. Kathleen Halat of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Dr. Catherine Forest of UC San Francisco Medical Center for helping me conquer my diabetes and become a New-Human! I would also like to thank the physicians and staff at Emeline Clinic in Santa Cruz who have assisted and monitored my recovery including Dr. Linda Lou and John Suwinski 

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