Saturday, July 21, 2012

Advice from Ernest Hemingway

My good friend and fishing buddy, Jack Hemingway, once shared with me advice he had received from his father, Ernest.  The gist was that once a writer feels in control of his story and starts to see the plot unfold, its time to quit for the day.

I apply the same philosophy to my diet program.  In the evenings I usually have a bowl of natural cereal with fruit of the moment. Just when I reach the ¾ mark and have experienced the first urges to go for a refill, I stop and leave the rest for breakfast.  

In spite of missing the short term gratification, I am proud of myself for restraining the urge to stuff myself  I like to always feel a little in the morning, I am thankful for the gift.  I think that Ernest and Jack would approve.

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